2024 MNE-PETS Recordings
Plenary Sessions
Mini Sessions (Friday)
Mini Sessions (Saturday)
2024 Plenary Recordings
Plenary Session Recordings
Mid-Northeast Multi-District PETS 2024
First Plenary Session at 9 am on Friday, March 22, 2024  Link to Recording
Speaker: Dr. Janelle Hall, Motivational Speaker 
Introduced by: MNE-PETS 2023-24 Chair Bonnie Sirower
Dr. Janelle Hall is the Executive Director of United Passaic and is a faculty member of Seton Hall University and Union County College.  She is on the Board of Trustees for Fairleigh-Dickinson University.  But Janelle’s whole life was turned in a positive direction by Rotary members working together to help her, and she will share her experiences with us.
Second Plenary Session at 12:30 pm on March 22, 2024  Link to Recording
Speaker: PDG Herb Klotz – What Distinguishes a Strong Club re Membership
Introduced by: D7230 DGE Syed Alirahi
Herb is an expert on membership and membership.  He was a keynote speaker at last year’s Northeast PETS and led one of our AG sessions last year.
Third Plenary Session during dinner on March 22, 2024  Link to Recording
Keynote Speaker: Rotary International President-Nominee Mario Cesar Martins de Camargo (from Brazil)
Introduced by: D7255 DGE Beverly James
Fourth Plenary Session on Saturday morning, March 23, 2024  Link to Recording
Speaker: Rotary Foundation Trustee Marty Peak Helman
Introduced by: Area 60 DGE Jeanne Ysukamoto
Marty is considered one of the best speakers on the Rotary Foundation and has traveled extensively around the world.  Her session will focus on WHY the Rotary Foundation exists rather than the HOW.  We will also have Rebecca Silber from RI, our Zone coordinator for the Rotary Fund assisting us with this session.
Final Plenary Session on Saturday at noon, March 23, 2024  Link to Recording
Speaker: Rotary International Treasurer and Zones 28/32 Director Drew Kessler.
Introduced by: D7490 DGE Scott Reddin